400 Feet Down-ALL ABOUT IT...


Seen the #StopRDUQuarry signs around town? Wondering what it's all about? Two non-profits, a local homeowner and a resident of Raleigh, are standing against a backroom deal to give away our public lands to a stone quarry. With litigation and court dates getting closer for them...time is of the essence for the public to become informed about how the "lease" of the OddFellows Tract affects our entire RDU community, greenways, Umstead State Park and Crabtree Creek.


There is much more to this true story than a simple business arrangement between RDU Airport and Wake Stone Quarry. "400 Feet Down: Misguided Authority and the Fight to #StopRDUQuarry" will tell this story.

My name is Charlie Morris and I created this film between March 2019 and July 2019. I am based in Carrboro, NC USA.

It started off as a 3-5 minute video I was going to make for free, just a short "explainer" video...that was going to be it.  Now here we sit with a full HOUR long movie. How the heck did that happen?


I had received an FB message around March 5th, 2019.  The sender said that they had enjoyed the work that I had done on my film Bolin Creek Unpaved and wondered if I might be able to do something in regards to the quarry lease deal between RDU Airport and Wake Stone.  The film you see here on the homepage on this site is the result of 5 months of filming and a VERY abbreviated amount of time allowed for editing the final film.

This website will soon be a multi media site, filled with what though?  Good question. When one makes a documentary film barely 5% of what you have filmed ever goes into the final film.  400 Feet Down is no exception to this rule.  But this topic, and saving this forest is too important for all those hours of interviews that are NOT in the film to NOT be heard or seen.

I will be releasing tons of bonus material that will be housed on this site. There will be full videos of interviews and podcast versions of those videos to listen to.  There will also be a lot of BTS (behind the scenes) videos when it's all done.

I am very excited to be crafting a one stop location for anyone who wants to learn more about this critical conservation issue.  I am also still in the process of attempting to fund my time in crafting all that extra material.